Portable Sink Rentals

In addition to our portable restroom rental services, we also provide portable sink rentals.  Sometimes you don’t need full restroom facilities or even toilets.  A sink might be all you need.  Yet this can be difficult at outdoor events or festival locations without access to clean water.

Hand Washing Station Rental Indianapolis - Portable Sink

Portable Hand Washing Stations

B&R Portable Restrooms & Services in Indianapolis provides portable sinks and handwashing stations for places without traditional plumbing.  If you need to provide a clean, safe place for people to wash hands, we have a range of portable sinks and handwashing stations to suit your needs. We provide hand sanitizer dispenser stations, which are delivered ready to use with full dispensers.  Our popular two-person hand-wash sink is self-contained and includes water, soap, and paper towels.

Our Outstanding Service

B&R Portable Restrooms &  Services strives to provide excellent service on all our rentals, including portable sinks.  We will deliver our sinks and handwashing stations clean and ready for use.

Portable Sink / Wash Station Details