Portable Bathroom Trailers

When you need more space and comfort than a porta potty can give, portable bathroom trailers might be just what you need.  Larger and more luxurious than other portable bathroom rentals, trailers include portable toilets as well as portable sinks and can accommodate multiple guests at one time.

Trailer Rentals from B&R Services

B&R Services offers a range of portable bathroom trailers with different features so that you can pick the one just right for your needs.  Our offerings include the following:

Petite Trailer – This compact unit contains 2 individual restrooms.

Medium Trailer – Our medium trailers contain 3 women’s stalls with 2 sinks and 2 men’s stalls with 1 sink and 3 urinals.

Large Trailer – These roomy trailers contain 5 women’s stalls with 2 sinks and 2 men’s stalls with 2 sinks and 3 urinals.

Wedding CottageOutdoor restrooms for weddings.Our exclusive luxury Wedding Cottage contains 4 private restroom suites.  The added privacy and space as well as its pretty design make it the ideal solution for your special day.

Outstanding Service

We provide the same outstanding level of service for each of our bathroom trailers as we do for all of our porta potty rentals.  At each regularly scheduled service visit, we will empty, clean, sanitize, and restock the trailer with any included supplies.  Regular service keeps your unit clean and ready for use. Delivery and pick-up is also included in the price of your rental unit.