Porta Potty Rentals for Sports Facilities

Sporting events bring a lot of people together, and when you have a large gathering, you will need restroom facilities. With adequate restroom facilities available, participants and spectators at your sporting event will feel be able to enjoy the event without having to leave when natures calls. B&R Portable Restrooms & Services’ reliable restroom rentals are perfect for sporting events, both small and large. Some types of sporting events where our porta potties can be helpful include:

  • Collegiate athletic facilities
  • Golf courses
  • High school athletic facilities
  • Running events
  • Youth baseball, softball, soccer, and football fields

Determining Your Sanitation Needs

It is always important to assess the size and specifics of an event or sports facility to determine what rentals will best suit your needs. Our special events team will work closely with you to determine the right type and right number of restrooms you will need for your sporting event or sporting facility or fields. Our experience and expertise will contribute to the success of your event.

Here are some important questions for you to remember when planning your event:

  1. How many attendees do you expect?
  2. How long is your event expected to last?
  3. Are food and/or drinks (especially alcoholic beverages) being served?

It is important to note that typically, most people will use sanitation facilities about once every four hours. Each portable restroom accommodates a maximum of 125 uses. Weather conditions and the consumption of beverages, alcohol, and food can increase usage by up to 30%.

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